Bride, groom rescued from floods of the New Jersey police

For a break in New Jersey, “some blue” became the uniforms of officers who helped her to a Humvee when her wedding party was stranded in flashflows.

Bogota police department said in a Facebook mail the bride, man and wedding party were stranded in rising floodwaters Saturday in the city just outside of New York City.

“If you’re from the area, you know it’s crowded,” said the police. “Within an hour yesterday, Bogota got over an inch of rain. This was not the normal flood !! It reached over 4 feet high from above, in less than 15 minutes!”

The police could eventually come to the wedding group using a Humvee that they acquired through the military team surveillance overflow program.

 NJ Flood 1

A bride and groom got caught in floods on Saturday and must be rescued by police in New Jersey.

(Bogota Police Department)

In the video you can see a police who helps the bride’s step from the vehicle surrounded by water into Humvee.


“Unfortunately, due to the rapidly rising flood water, this bride, her new husband and wedding party friends began to have a hard start on things, saying police. “The lucky thing is that we could help them through their first rough patch. Of course, their day has not gone as planned, so let’s congratulate them on the wedding and give them the best wishes for a lifetime of love and adventure, starting now! “

The flood in Bogotá was just one of the several weather-related incidents in the region on Saturday. Further west, a watercraft of cars from a retailer in Little Falls drove down a river and crossed a crossroads.

National Weather Service’s Office in New York had issued a review advisor at the time of the region.

“showers and thunderstorms that produce heavy rain will move across the area causing floods in the cities and in the small stream,” said NWS. “Excessive poor catchment areas will lead to minor floods in the field of advice.

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