Bride mercilessly mocked after her ring made from her wedding bouquet is compared to a Brussels sprout

A BRIDE who dried her wedding bouquet to turn it into a ring has been mocked online after people compared it to a Brussels sprout.

A snap of the offending ring was shared in the Facebook group, That’s It I’m Ring Shaming where people were quick to compare it to the Christmas veg.

That's It I'm Ring Shaming

A bride has been mocked after the ring she made out of her wedding bouquet was compared to a Brussels sprout[/caption]

That's It I'm Ring Shaming

She explained that she’d had her flowers dried out to turn them into the unusual ring[/caption]

In her original post the bride wrote: “So in love with this ring! I dried out my wedding bouquet and sent it off and got some of the petals and greenery made into a ring. It’s perfect!”

But group members were far from impressed, sharing their outrage in the comments.

One wrote: “Brussels sprouts anyone?”

Agreeing a second added: “Looks like a frickin Brussels sprout…”

That's It I'm Ring Shaming
That's It I'm Ring Shaming
That's It I'm Ring Shaming
That's It I'm Ring Shaming

However, ring shamers were far than impressed sharing their unflattering comparisons on Facebook[/caption]

“Looks like something that’s gonna be in my roast tomorrow” another chimed in.

While others compared it to broccoli, some had their own, rather unique comparisons.

“It literally looks like my cat’s hair balls” one commented with another adding, “Now I don’t have to imagine what Shrek’s testicle looks like.”

While another said: “I LEGIT THOUGHT THIS WAS A FROG.”

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