Bride-to-be has doubts over taking fiance’s last name for very awkward reason

IT’S regarded as tradition for a woman to take her new husband’s last name when they get married.

But one bride-to-be has raised doubts over whether she should take her fiance’s surname after they walk down the aisle next year and turned to the internet for help.

A bride-to-be is facing a dilemma over taking her fiance’s last name
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Writing on forum Weddingbee, the woman revealed her partner of nine year’s last name is also her first name – Shannon.

She said: “My first name (Shannon) is my fiance’s last name.

“We have dated for nine years and will be getting married next year, so I guess I need to finally face the decision of what I will do.

“Honestly it never bothered me even when people made jokes. His last name didn’t matter to me because I love him.”

The woman, named Shannon, wrote on a forum asking for help

Shannon said she was unsure whether to keep her maiden name, opt for a double-barrelled name or come up with a new one altogether.

She continued: “I am not sure if I want to change my last name or hyphenate or something else. My last name is longer than his, but it’s only two syllables, so it’s not too much of a mouthful.

“Others have suggested changing my first name or going by my middle name, but I couldn’t imagine being called by another name and I like my first name.”

She explained that she doesn’t have a problem with keeping her maiden name, but she wants to “have the same last name as my future children”.

Reaching out for help, she asked if anyone else had been in the same situation, and added: “Also would love some thoughts on how to navigate this in the ceremony. Is it okay for them to announce my name then his followed by our last?”

Shannon received several suggestions to her post, with some asking her whether her husband would consider taking her maiden name.

One said: ” know this isn’t traditional, but considering the circumstances, have you two considered your maiden name becoming the family name?”

Another wrote: “If it were me I’d keep my maiden name and name my children his last name.  It’s a unique situation.  Unless he wanted to change to mine.”

Someone else said: “I know a couple that both the groom and bride got rid of their last names and took on a completely different last name when they married.”

Another waded in with: “I think I’d be tempted to keep my maiden name in this circumstance. I don’t think it would be an issue to announce ‘Shannon and David Shannon’ at the ceremony.”

It comes as a new study revealed attitudes towards wedding traditions are changing – with less than a third of Brits considering them important.

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