Bride wears £775 TRAINERS with her wedding dress and people fume the look is ‘atrocious’

AS we’re sure all brides will agree, tottering around in high heels on your wedding day is a surefire way to put a dampener on things.

But while we can totally understand why some brides-to-be opt for a slightly smaller heel or even wear flat white pumps, one woman took her quest for comfort to all new extremes when she turned up to her wedding in a pair of trainers.


The bride shared photos of her controversial wedding attire on Facebook[/caption]

Sharing her wedding photos on Facebook, the bride paired her white and silver trainers with a daring short white dress with feathery hem.

In short, wedding attire doesn’t get more divisive than this – and it wasn’t long until one of her pals posted a screengrab on a wedding shaming Facebook group.

Inviting others to pick apart the bride’s “atrocious” look, the horrified user wrote: “I never thought I would post in here but this appeared on my timeline.

“I met this girl ONCE but she had amazing style and taste. AND THEN SHE WEARS SNEAKERS AT HER WEDDING? WITH A SHORT DRESS. Come on guys.”


The bride changed into trainers for her reception[/caption]

Naturally, the bride didn’t wear just any trainers on her wedding day – but a Christian Louboutin pair that would have set her back a cool £775.

In response, one user wrote: “They are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen. Why spend $1,000??”

Another replied: “The shoes would have been cute if they were sassed out with crystals or something…”

Users on the group blasted BOTH the couple’s choice of footwear

The original poster later clarified that this was the bride’s second outfit of the day – and NOT what she walked down the aisle in. But still…

Pointing out her husband’s questionable choice of shoes, a third replied: “He looks like he’s wearing slippers.”

“Ugly dress,” another critic wrote. “No to the trainers and loafers.”

But not everyone was so critical – with one gushing: “I low key love this!”

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