Bride’s sister-in-law slammed for trying to upstage her by wearing off-white gown to wedding

A BRIDE’S sister-in-law has been slammed trying to steal the show by wearing an off-white dress to the wedding.

She was blasted for breaching wedding etiquette by seemingly trying to upstage the bride in a similar light-coloured gown.


A photo of the bride standing near her sister-in-law who wore an off-white dress sparked outrage online[/caption]


The photo was posted to a wedding group on Facebook, where users reacted with fury at the sister-in-law’s choice of dress[/caption]

A photo showed her in the light cream dress standing with the wedding party – right next to the happy couple.

It was posted on Facebook by a fuming pal of the bride – who admitted she still holds a grudge against the woman two years later.

She described the black-tie ceremony as an “extravagant winter wedding in the Alps”.

And the bride herself thanked social media users for “siding” with her in the bitter dress row.


Sharing the snap on a “wedding shaming” page, the woman wrote: “Not my wedding but a friend of mine had a really extravagant winter wedding in the Alps.

“Her SIL [sister-in-law] (far left) showed up in a white dress.

“The dress code was black tie and there were no bridesmaids or groomsmen.

“Still a touchy subject so roast away!”

One critic said the sister-in-law failed ‘miserably’ in her attempt to upstage the bride
The bride herself commented to thank people for their support

Imagine trying to steal the limelight with a white dress and over the top gloves

Many leapt to criticise the bride’s sister-in-law for choosing to wear a suspiciously white gown.

One said: “Imagine trying to steal the limelight with a white dress and over the top gloves… and failing miserably because the bride is a literal goddess and her gown is heavenly.”

Another commented: “The SIL looks awful in that outfit but next to that bride she looks ten times worse, I doubt anyone could upstage her, she looks stunning.”

And a third critic added: “I’m going to agree with a lot of the others here, that the bride looks so amazing that it makes the SIL look that much more ridiculous.”


Replying to the outpouring of support, the bride commented to thank people for “siding” with her.

She wrote: “Thank you. This is really helping me let go so thanks to everyone who sided with me on this.”

The bride added that she was convinced her sister-in-law had worn the dress “on purpose to be mean”.

She explained: “I think she wanted me to go full on public bridezilla on my wedding day.

“She stomped on my dress in the chapel as well. Who on earth does that?

“It’s been two and a half years and I still can’t believe she did that!”

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