Bridesmaid reveals she was dumped bridezilla’s wedding party because she talked about her bowel disorder

A DUMPED bridesmaid has revealed how she was cruelly cut out of her friend’s wedding party because she “spoke too much” about her chronic bowel disease.

Sharing her story in a private Facebook group, the thwarted bridesmaid described how she became friends with the Bridezilla through work after two bonded over their engagements.

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The bridesmaid was dumped over text for supposedly speaking about her condition ‘too much’[/caption]

However, alarm bells first started ringing for the bride when her friend banned her from “talking about my wedding planning.”

According to the Daily Mail, the bridesmaid wrote in a revealing post: “I thought it would be super cute to both plan together but she would literally take over everything.”

What’s more, the Bridezilla “had the cheek to call [her] Hen party her ‘wedding celebration part two’, even though she wasn’t going because she was on her honeymoon.”

But things took a turn for the worse after the woman was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis, a debilitating bowel disease that causes painful flare ups and extreme exhaustion.

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The bridesmaid was also accused of being ‘picky’ about the menu because she has to avoid certain foods[/caption]

Describing how she “barely had the energy for work, yet alone my wedding and definitely not hers”, the struggling friend then “let her know” that her bridesmaid duties were going to have to take a backseat.

However, the woman then claims that the bride “didn’t give a s**t about my diagnosis and basically said I could concentrate on my wedding after hers.”

She added: “That’s my first strike.”

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the Bridezilla then claimed the suffering member of the bridal party was being “super picky about the menu” even though her condition means she “can’t eat certain things” at the the moment.

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The bride also labelled her friend’s bowel disease a ‘silly’ illness[/caption]

After being unable to make it on a night out because of “extreme exhaustion”, the Bridezilla then decided to dump the bridesmaid because she spoke about her disease “too much”.

Failing to even meet her face-to-face, the bride opted to break the news to her friend over a text in which she labelled her bowel disease a “silly” illness.

Making her friend’s poor health about her own big day, the Bridezilla wrote: “If you can’t be bothered to put silly little things like your illness and your wedding aside to help me on my most important day, I don’t want you there.”

Fellow Facebook users were quick to slam the selfish friend

Unsurprisingly, other social media users have jumped to the bridesmaid’s defence and reassured her that she’s dodged a bullet.

One user recommended: “Burn the dress and send her a picture as your reply.”

Meanwhile, another likened the scenario to dodging an “atomic bomb”.

Seeing the bright side of the scenario, one wellwisher added: “Thank god she said that to you.

“There’s literally no relief like when someone else makes the decision you’ve been wanting to scream in their face.”

What is ulcerative colitis?

  • Ulcerative colitis is a form of colitis that is caused by autoimmune inflammation (the body attacking itself), whereas colitis can be caused by a number of factors including infection
  • It is thought to be an autoimmune condition, which means the immune system wrongly tries to attack healthy tissue
  • Flare ups can include painful and swollen joints, mouth ulcers, areas of painful, red and swollen skin and irritated and red eyes
  • In addition to this people will often need to empty their bowels six or more times a day and have shortness of breath, a fast or irregular heartbeat, high temperature and blood in stools

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