Brit holidaymakers and truckers caught up in Calais chaos after rioting migrants set fire to a lorry to sneak to UK

BRIT truckers and holidaymakers were caught up in Channel chaos after rioting migrants torched a lorry.

They set up a roadblock before dawn on Tuesday near the port of Calais in an attempt to get vehicles to slow down so they could sneak on board.

Rioting migrants set a lorry on fire to create a roadblock in the port of Calais
© UNSA Police

The tactic has been used several times in the past, with migrants switching to crossing by boat after a clampdown.

But now after security was increased in the Channel the roadblock ploy is back.

French officials said a Bulgarian driver was badly beaten up after being dragged from his cab as his lorry was set on fire.

Cops were quickly on the scene and the migrants fled.

The driver was pulled form his cab and badly beaten
© UNSA Police

Although the fire was put out there were lengthy delays around Calais as the port road was closed for resurfacing.

One Brit trucker from Corby, Northants, said: “It’s absolute carnage around here. I’ve been stuck in traffic for six hours and barely moved at all.

“There are loads of migrants wandering around and some of the guys up the front of the queue said they can still see the burnt out truck on the side of the road.

“It seems we are back to the bad old days again with roadblocks and migrants trying to get onto our trucks.”

Police said the Bulgarian truck was carrying shower and bathroom fittings and was bound for the UK.

French officials said this was the second roadblock set up by migrants since January 1 compared to 26 for the whole of last year, 45 in 2017 and 865 in 2016 just before the infamous Jungle Camp was demolished.

Migrants wanted to slow traffic so they could sneak aboard UK-bound lorries
© UNSA Police
The port road had to be resurfaced after the fierce blaze gutted the lorry
France 3 Hauts-de-France

Richard Burnett, of the Road Haulage Association, said: “We have been hearing a lot recently about migrants crossing the Channel in boats but this just shows the problem on the roads hasn’t gone away.

“Burning barricades was a tactic we have seen used in the past but seemed to have fallen away in recent months.

“Setting up burning roadblocks shows how desperate they have become but is also of very serious concern to truck drivers.

“People say migrants have human rights but truckers and other motorists also have the human right of not living in fear when they drive through Calais.”

Dover MP Charlie Elphicke said: “It’s very concerning to hear reports of burning barricades near Calais with people being hurt and travel disrupted.

“The French police need to catch these crooks and criminals as quickly as possible so that order can be restored.”

Today The Sun told how a Mr Fixit crook twice kicked out of the UK boasted of smuggling 300 migrants across the Channel at up to £6,000 per trip.

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