Britain must hold EU Parliament elections ‘or be sued by Brussels’ if Brexit is extended

BRITAIN will be forced to hold EU Parliament elections if the Brexit talks are extended or face being sued by Brussels, German MPs have warned.

Legal advice commissioned for the Bundestag said the UK would have to send new MEPs to Strasbourg if Article 50 is prolonged beyond the start of July.

Theresa May has opened the door to extending the Brexit deadline

It concludes if the Government refused to participate it could be hit by legal proceedings from both the Commission and private citizens.

The report warns: “British citizens resident in the UK would be denied a core set of rights given to them as EU citizens.”

It comes after Theresa May promised to give MPs a vote on prolonging the Brexit talks if her deal is voted down on the 12th.

Some EU diplomats have suggested negotiations could be extended as long as until the end of the year.

But officials have told The Sun the bloc’s internal legal advice shows there is no way around holding EU elections in the UK in May if that happens.

They also cast doubt on the PM’s ability to survive a long extension, saying it would “rip apart” the Tory party.


A top EU source said: “I don’t think neither Corbyn nor May will want to go through elections in the UK.

“It’s a leap into the unknown.

“And the Europeans don’t want to see the Brits in our elections because they will at best return 50 Farage types, which is not the best prospect.

“But there’s no way around it unless you change the treaties.

“This is another serious constraint for the UK.”

I don’t think neither Corbyn nor May will want to go through elections in the UK. It’s a leap into the unknown.


They predicted: “At best it’ll be an extension of 2-3 months, not a longer one even if some capitals may suggest otherwise for reasons of convenience.”

Brussels also fears the next EU Parliament could be declared legally invalid in the event of a long extension if the UK doesn’t sent MEPs.

A second official added: “Not holding elections is a recipe for a car crash.

“There would be a legal challenge and all the EU’s decisions would be annulled.”
Member States and officials have insisted that any extension of Article 50 would have to be a one-off.

The PM has told Donald Tusk she will need a “short, technical” prolongation of the UK’s membership to pass legislation even if MPs approve her deal.

Mrs May made the admission during her meeting with the Council chief in Sharm el-Sheikh on Sunday, according to a diplomatic note.

Theresa May and Donald Tusk are negotiating over Brexit
Theresa May and Donald Tusk are negotiating over Brexit


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