Britain should not pay the EU a penny of the £39bn ‘divorce fee’ before it has signed a bumper trade deal

THERE cannot be one sensible person who believes we should pay a penny of our £39billion “divorce fee” from the EU before it has signed off a bumper trade deal.

We salute new Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab for ruling it out. We will hold the Government to it. It will not survive if it meekly hands that fortune to Brussels with nothing in return.

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We salute new Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab for ruling out paying £39bn for our divorce from the EU until we receive a bumper trade deal[/caption]

We also applaud the energy Mr Raab is injecting into our plans to “thrive” even with no deal next March. That now seems the likeliest result after the latest rebuff. But it is disgraceful this planning was not done two years ago.

Compare Mr Raab’s positivity with the tiresome Remoaning of John Major, now calling for the second referendum he used to rule out as “not credible” until Remain lost. Or the same demand and the same Eyeore-ish doom-mongering from Remain zealot Dominic Grieve, now predicting “catastrophe”.

Faith in our democracy is already at dangerously low levels. But these sore ­losers would dismantle it entirely if that’s what it took to get their way.

Will they ever give it a rest?

Homes scandal

BUILDING huge numbers of homes has never been more urgent.

It’s not just about increasing supply to bring prices down for first-time buyers, essential though that is.


More houses need to be built to bring down the prices for buyers and provide a home to the 30,000 homeless people who are employed[/caption]

The problem is far more desperate for 30,000 “working homeless” who despite steady jobs cannot afford sky-high deposits and rents, let alone a mortgage.

A rising percentage of those in night shelters are employed, but on low pay. The shortage of homes, exacerbated by our vast population increase in the last 15 years, has priced them out of renting or buying — especially in London.

We should not be in this position.

Controlling our borders will help long-term. But we MUST have more affordable properties.

If that means a bonfire of planning regulations, so be it.

Had our Phil

IT is shocking that the tax burden has hit the highest level since under Harold ­Wilson’s Labour Government of 1970.

Doubly so that it is happening under a Tory Party meant to champion low taxes.


It comes as a shock that the tax burden has hit its highest since 1970, especially from a Tory government which is supposed to cut taxes[/caption]

The figures should sober up Chancellor Philip Hammond. Because he plainly cannot afford to raise the burden yet higher to fund the promised £20billion annual splurge on the NHS.

He must cut elsewhere, starting with the insane aid budget. And cross-party talks must be initiated to find a future for funding health and social care that won’t bankrupt Britain.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson rightly insisted in Cabinet last week that taxes should be CUT.

Raising them drains blood from the economy. It is folly.

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