Britain’s Got Talent star Leanne Mya haunted by screams after Grenfell fire but calls singing on the show ‘a dream’

GRENFELL Tower survivor Leanne Mya blows away the judges on tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent with a moving song that leaves Ant and Dec in tears.

Speaking today, she called performing on the show a “dream” and said singing helped her deal with the trauma of escaping the uncontrollable blaze, which claimed the lives of 72 people in 2017.

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Leanne performs on tonight’s Britains Got Talent[/caption]

However, Leanne admitted she is still haunted by the screams of people trapped inside and says she still suffers nightmarish flashbacks about what happened.

The 31-year-old, explained: “I don’t think that’s anything anyone can ever prepare for or ever stop thinking about.

“People and innocent kids, screaming ‘Help us’ and because it was so distinct you could hear the moment the cries stopped.

“There was this deafening silence and you knew that person, that child, had gone.”

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Leanne was in Grenfell Tower when the blaze hit[/caption]

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She says singing has helped with the ordeal[/caption]

However, she said singing helped her to cope with the trauma and the ordeal of having to live in emergency accommodation with her young son Malachi after the fire.

Viewers will tonight hear Leanne perform Sam Smith’s Lay Me Down in a heart-rending performance that Simon Cowell calls a “moment with a capital M”.

Leanne explained: “Singing has played an important role since the night of the fire – it’s helping me to process things.

“Being backstage on Britain’s Got Talent felt like a dream. Up until the day I auditioned, I hadn’t processed that I was actually going to go through with it.”

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Simon gave £100,000 to victims of the Grenfell fire[/caption]

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The music mogul organised the Grenfell charity single[/caption]

However, she didn’t want to focus on what she had been through on stage, despite knowing Simon Cowell had donated £100,000 to victims and recorded a charity single.

Leanne explained: “I wanted to be judged on my singing voice not on my story.

“I thought I’d say that I’d been through some difficult times, but knowing that Simon had tried to help some of the victims after the tragedy, I felt he deserved to know exactly where I was coming from.”

She added: “What he did was great. It’s nice for someone in his position to have listened to us and to do something about how we felt rather than just watch from the sidelines.

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Leanne wanted to be ‘judged on her singing voice not her story’[/caption]

“He helped make a change because he understood how we were being mistreated. He didn’t have the same attitude the council had or the government had.”

Explaining her experience on the fateful night in June 2017 when the blaze began, she said: “At first, I didn’t feel worried because I couldn’t see or smell anything.

“It was only whilst looking at a black cab in the car park below that I saw the reflection of flames. That’s when I realised the building was on fire.

“I left through my window. Luckily the window had a platform that was closely connected to Grenfell Walk.”

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The blackened building in the days after the fire[/caption]

She added: “You could hear people still in the building screaming for help. I’ve never felt so powerless.

“It felt like it was happening so quickly but also in slow motion, if that makes sense. All I could do was cry and pray.

“I was just holding onto my son thinking that those victims will never get to dress their son or daughter again, nor will they be able to hug their loved ones ever again.”

Leanne went on: “We will never forget what happened and as we carry all of the victims in our hearts, we encourage people to join our silent march on the 14th of every month.

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Ant and Dec were moved to tears by her performance[/caption]

“The survivors and bereaved families, Grenfell United have a website – – where we are asking people to support us by signing this petition, to make sure that this never happens again.”

Asked whether she hopes to launch a music career on the back of her appearance, Leanne replied: “I look into my son’s eyes every single day.

“His cheeky little smile and his resilience makes me take the steps I would never have dreamed of taking and it’s his fearlessness that inspires me to be the best version of myself, because that’s what he deserves.

“This door was opened for me, so I have faith that good opportunities will come from this and I will embrace them. I’m choosing to turn something negative into something positive.”

Britain’s Got Talent is on ITV tonight at 8pm

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