Britain’s worst mum Karen Matthews FIRED from charity shop job after bosses discovered paedo fiance’s convict past

KIDNAP mum Karen Matthews has been FIRED from her charity shop job – after bosses found out she wanted to marry a paedophile.

Matthews, 44, was shown the door from her one-day-a-week volunteer role over her relationship with Paul Saunders, 57.

Simon Jones – The Sun

Karen Matthews has been sacked from her charity shop job after they found out she wants to marry a paedophile[/caption]

Ian Whittaker – The Sun

Her partner Paul Saunders, 57, has been convicted of sexually abusing a child[/caption]

The Sun exclusively revealed earlier this month how they were getting married and how Saunders had been convicted of sexually abusing a child.

Our exclusive pictures showed them out and about and Matthews sporting a Princess Diana-style engagement ring.

Now the charity shop she works at has told her she can no longer work there over her error in judgement over the relationship.

The good cause store is linked to a Christian group who were appalled when they heard what she had done.


A source told The Sun: “The boss was gobsmacked when they found out what had happened.

“They told her they can’t have someone working there in a relationship with someone like that.

“It goes against everything the charity stands for.

Karen loved doing that job – but she can’t work there with a paedophile in her house

A source

“Karen loved doing that job – but she can’t work there with a paedophile in her house.”

Matthews lives in a town in the south of the UK, but her location cannot be revealed for legal reasons.

The mum, jailed for eight years for faking the kidnap of daughter Shannon, is madly in love with Saunders.

They met when he was doing repair works round her flat, which she moved to at the expense of the taxpayer.

The kidnap mum has moved her paedo lover in
The couple are set to wed

Saunders is a convicted paedophile on the sex offenders’ register jailed for five years for abusing a child.

He was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of failing to follow notification rules in place to let authorities keep track of him.

Back in 2010 he admitted engaging in sexual activity with the teenager, making indecent images of her and two counts of sexual assault.

He has permanently moved in with Matthews, together with huge TV and all his belongings.

There had been false claims they had split, but he has been living with her for the entire year.

Her home was egged in the earlier hours of Monday morning by vigilantes who want them to leave.

Colin Jack

Cops were called to Karen Matthews’ home after reports of a row last week[/caption]

An image released by police after Karen Matthews’ fake plea for her daughter to come home
PA:Press Association
Police mugshot of paedophile Saunders


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