British skier, 38, is among seven killed in series of avalanches at Swiss resort of Verbier 

A British man is one of seven people who have been killed in the Swiss Alps following a series of avalanches.

The 38-year-old, who has not been named, was with nine other people that were engulfed by snow while skiing off piste.

An investigation has been launched into the tragedy which took place at the Swiss resort of Verbier at 10.20am on Monday. 

Police spokesman Mathias Volken said: ‘We have had a lot of snow here and the avalanche risk at the time was three out of five which means considerable danger.’

He also said that the area where the avalanche occurred is popular among skiers looking to go off piste. 

The British man was a resident of Verbier and his family have been informed. 

Police confirmed the avalanche took place in an area between the village and Les Attelas and that both helicopters and dog teams were deployed to locate the nine people caught in the incident. 

All nine of the people caught by the avalanche were wearing GPS locators but the British man was declared dead at the scene.

Another person that was found by emergency services was airlifted to hospital in Sion.

On top of the group of 10 that were engulfed in the avalanche, an additional eight people were caught up in the snow, but escaped unharmed.

In the last three days, several avalanches have taken place, during which a 29-year-old Irish man was also killed.

According to Swiss Mountain Rescue there have been 77 avalanches this year involving 104 people. 


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