Britney Spears poses naked showing off toned backside in new snap amid ‘abusive’ conservatorship war against dad Jamie

Britney Spears posed naked as she showed off her toned backside in a new snap amid her “abusive” conservatorship war against her father Jamie. 

Britney, 39, teased her sexy figure in a sexy Instagram snapshot. 


Britney showed off her backside on Instagram[/caption]


Britney and Jamie sat together for a photo[/caption]

The Toxic singer tied up her long blond hair as she stood in front of a water-filled bathtub.

The only thing the music star was wearing was her necklace. 

Brtiney captioned the snap with three rows of black bars. 

Recently, Britney’s mother, Lynn, has joined her daughter’s side to end her conservatorship. 


Jamie walked out of court[/caption]

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Jamie and Lynne pictured together[/caption]

Lynne stepped forward to ask the court to appoint her daughter a private attorney in her bid to end her conservatorship.

In the documents obtained by TMZ, Lynne moved to file papers that argued the conservatorship was no longer valid.

The legal docs read: “[Britney] had to perform in front of millions of people, has had to manage hundreds of performances, has had to use her artistic and creative talents to prepare for shows by choreographing each and every move for and interacting with many co-performers, and has had to rehearse and perform for many thousands of hours over the years.”

On Tuesday,  Britney’s boyfriend, Sam Asghari, has a close pal named Maxi, who shared a series of since-deleted Instagram Stories that supported the #FreeBritney movement and made troubling allegations against the Spears. 


Britney and Sam stood side by side for a photo[/caption]


Britney and Lynne posed together[/caption]

Maxi claimed: “When Daddy needs Mommy and Sis to go along with their scam all Daddy has to do is withhold allowance.”

The makeup artist continued: “When accountings complete on the 13 years of siphoning her cash it will shock you.”

Maxi claimed that the family allegedly “stole” money from Britney and alleged: “If you follow the Sister or Mom, you may as well follow the Dad. 


Jamie Lynn was accused of allegedly stealing money from Britney[/caption]

“It’s a war. Pick a side. Many of you are AWOL… #FreeBritney.”

Maxi then revealed he would be “immediately blocking” anyone following “the sister.”

Jamie Lynn, 30, has been on the receiving end of a mass backlash for her alleged involvement and complicity in her older sister’s troubles.

Just two weeks ago, Britney made her virtual appearance in court amid her conservatorship legal battle with her father Jamie, who she claimed has “controlled” her life for the past 13 years.

During the hearing, the pop singer made shocking claims that she was allegedly not allowed to get married and was forced to get an IUD so that she could not take it out if she wanted to have another baby. 

Towards the end of June, Britney had been on a Hawaii getaway with her boyfriend Sam.

In an Instagram video, she danced in a red bikini and promised that there was “more to come.”

Britney promised ‘more to come’


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