Brits take over Benidorm beaches for a sun-soaked Costa Del Christmas

SPAIN’S beaches have been flooded with a sea of white this year as pasty Brits headed out for a Costa Del Christmas.

Benidorm and the Canary Islands have been inundated with winter sun hunters hoping to crack on with the turkey alongside a cold glass of sangria.

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Brits head to Benidorm to soak up some winter sun[/caption]

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Sun-worshippers are hoping for a golden December glow[/caption]

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It’s sprouts and sangria on the menu this year[/caption]

Sun worshippers donned Santa hats as they stretched out on Spanish beaches hoping for a golden December glow.

This year, Christmas roasts will be devoured in Benidorm hotels en masse by festive ex-pats.

UK holidaymakers this year amassed almost half a million pounds worth of fines, says Spanish air safety agency AESA who received 216 criminal complaints this year as yet more Brits flooded the airways heading off for winter sun.

A recent study revealed 29 per cent of holiday makers who head abroad are fed up of British Christmases because it’s cold but never snows, and a fifth are tired of it being “always the same”.

And one in ten don’t enjoy being at home for Christmas because they don’t like hosting the celebratory dinner with all the trimmings.


But the holiday destination favoured by Brits has become a criminal hub after a spate of violent muggings marred the pristine beach fronts.

A group of ex-pats have even set up a vigilante group in Spain’s Costa Blanca to “tackle the thugs”.

The Sun Online has carried a string of stories about vicious attacks on visitors to Benidorm, where a Brit was robbed of £400 by a gang of girls.

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Thousands of Brits have jetted off for the festive season[/caption]

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Holidaymakers are swapping snow for sand[/caption]

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Costa Del Christmas sees ex-pats soaking up the winter sun[/caption]

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A beach in the Canary Islands filled with Christmas holidaymakers[/caption]

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One Brit dons a santa hat as he soaks up the rays[/caption]

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Sea, sand and Santa is on the menu for these guys[/caption]


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