Brits will ditch cigarettes completely within 30 years experts say with 7.4 million predicted to ditch fags over coming decades

BRITS will ditch cigarettes completely by 2050 – with 7.4million smokers quitting the habit over the next 30 years, experts say.

The last fag will be smoked in Derby in 2050, while Bristol is set to be the first city to completely stub it out by 2024.

Within three days of quitting fags you should be able to breathe easier
The last cigarette will be smoked in 2050 according to experts
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York and Wokingham, Berks, will follow two years later, and Yorkshire’s East Riding local authority area, Blackburn and Darwen, Portsmouth and Reading will be next in 2027.

The experts predict Buckinghamshire, Bournemouth and Milton Keynes will go smoke free in 2028 but Southampton will continue puffing until 2049.

Market analysts Frontier Economics found if current quitting trends in the UK continue, 7.4 million smokers will become zero in 30 years, Mirror reports.

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In 1990, almost a third of British adults smoked, but that figure has halved to around 15 per cent since then.

Increased use of NHS services aimed at helping smokers give up the habit, which kills 200 people a day, is one factor behind the figures.

The popularity of e-cigarettes has also helped reduce rates, but Public Health England says more smokers should try vaping to drive the numbers down more.

The predictions – commissioned by tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris – are based on income, employment, health and education data.

They found one in five people in deprived areas still smoke – with 22 per cent in Kingston upon Hull, Blackpool and North Lincolnshire lighting up.

Mark MacGregor, of Philip Morris, said: “There are more alternative options than ever to help people give up cigarettes for good.”

Research suggests that if you can make it to 28 days without a fag you're five times more likely to quit for good
NHS services are helping smokers give up
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E-cigarettes are the nation’s favourite stop smoking aid, with about 3.2 million users
E-cigarettes are the nation’s favourite stop smoking aid, with about 3.2 million users
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