Broken Kepler telescope began sending data to the ground


Telescope, broken in 2013, joined and transmitted data about dozens of earthlike planets.

Researchers who used the Kepler telescope broke out 44 previously unknown exoplanets. All cosmic bodies of professionals have learned with the telescope.

Kepler observed the cosmos in search of exoplanets for almost ten years, but due to a technical failure, the engineers lost control over it in 201

3, reports the online edition of with reference to the correspondent.

Recently, the telescope became “out of hibernation” and began to send the collective years of information. 44 Among the findings is a planet that resembles the earth in size.

A large number of planets over time detect astronomers for the first time. Previously had access to more than a dozen heavenly bodies.

The entire Kepler telescope for the entire time found the planets 2600. It clearly shows that the galaxy plans more than stars.


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