Bruce Willis : dad and husband filled

Down the weapons ! Far away from Hollywood, the superflic of the saga ” Die Hard “, plays the knights, servants, and incubates its brood. Now, it is that he reserves his stunts. Twenty years after his separation from Demi Moore, the star has reconstructed a family 100% female. After all, he has already raised three girls, the best workout in his eyes. “It is good for the home life,” says Emma. Ex-supermodel, actress and business woman, she likes the flashes. The opposite of her bear of a husband. In a rare confidence, he whispered that he dreams of one day having a son. “But if I had five, it would not change what I think : we should leave it all to women. Including the direction of the country. “

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“What pisses me off at Emma ? It does not replace never the cap on the toothpaste ! It makes me crazy ! “Bruce is a man ordained, with principles. We arrange our room, said thank you, and… it leaves the bathroom clean ! Beside him, Emma laughs, shakes his mane : “a waste of time ! “The seconds wasted to screw on the cap, his wife prefer to use them to post on his Instagram a photo of his daughters, and crisp. “I hate social networks, warns Bruce. My taste for these modern technologies is limited to SMS and my e-mails, point. “Also, thank you Bruce, it don’t like the paper newspapers. While his wife does not practice the ” news on line “. Two ages, two generations. Bruce has crossed the sixty, she was just 40 years old, and an ambition very anglo-saxon.

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