Bumble is cracking down on d**k pics with new ‘Private Detector’ AI that blurs lewd images before they reach your inbox

DATING app Bumble has a new tool to help it fight unsolicited d**k pics being sent and received by its users.

An AI dubbed ‘Private Detector’ will scan pictures sent in chats for signs of lewd imagery and both blur them out and stick a warning on them if they’re too rude.


Bumble’s bringing out a tool to protect you from unsolicited nudes[/caption]

Bumble, which boasts 55million users, reckons the tech can pick out potential naughty snaps with 98% accuracy.

The firm said: “With our revolutionary AI, we’re able to detect potentially inappropriate content and warn you about the image before you open it.

“We’re committed to keeping you protected from unsolicited photos so you can have a safer experience meeting new people on Bumble.

One of Tinder’s biggest rivals, Bumble works by only allowing women to initiate a chat with a match.

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Private Detector was developed to tackle a plague of sexual harassment on dating apps[/caption]

It’s one of the few dating apps that lets users trade photos.

Starting in June, an AI trained to spot nudes will begin flagging potentially rude photos as soon as they reach your inbox.

The photo will be blurred, with a message underneath that reads: “This photo is blurred to protect you from inappropriate content.”

Recipients can choose to block and report the photo if they wish, or open it anyway.

Private Detector was developed to tackle a plague of sexual harassment that has haunted dating apps for years.

A recent YouGov poll found that more than half of young women have received nude pictures digitally, and three quarters of these were unsolicited.

“The sharing of lewd images is a global issue of critical importance,” said Andrey Andreev, who heads up Badoo, the network of dating apps that includes Bumble.

“It falls upon all of us in the social media and social networking worlds to lead by example and to refuse to tolerate inappropriate behaviour on our platforms.”

The app has 40 million registered users worldwide
Bumble boasts 55million registered users worldwide

Bumble bosses recently slammed a “sexist and small-minded” fat-shamer in a scathing open letter as they banned him from the dating app.

Last year, Tinder brought in its own way of letting women stop men sending saucy snaps.

And here are five things to know about Bumble.

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