Burning Man Founder’s Son Busted for Shrooms at Burning Man

Burning Man Founder’s Son Busted at Burning Man for Shrooms


Talk about a bad trip … the son of the man who created the Burning Man Festival got busted for shrooms at freakin’ Burning Man. 

The Pershing County Sheriff’s Office in Nevada tells TMZ … Tristan Harvey — the son of Larry Harvey, who founded Burning Man in 1986 and died in April at 70 — was driving with 2 friends last week into the festival when they were pulled over for not having a rear license plate.


We’re told a police dog sniffed the car, honed in, and cops found Tristan was in possession of a mushroom. He was cited for possession of an illegal substance and driving with a suspended license. He was not arrested and told to go on his merry way, sans mushies.

His friend, a female passenger, also had a shroom, and she also was cited and released. Tristan’s other friend wasn’t so lucky. He was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, but cops aren’t saying what they found.

Cops tell us over 70k attended the week-long event. They arrested 44 and cited 53.

PSA — yes, shrooms are illegal at Burning Man. 


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