Burt Reynolds Helped Lee Corso Bang Chicks In College

Burt Reynolds Helped Lee Corso Bang Chicks At FSU


Did you know … ESPN’s Lee Corso was Burt Reynolds‘ college roommate back in the day? 

It’s true — the two lived together at Florida State when Burt was a member of the Seminoles football team. And, according to Lee, Burt would often help him out with the ladies! 

Lee used to tell the story when talking to college athletes back in the day — and recounted it at a football event back in 2007. 

“We would send him out for bait,” Corso said … “He would go to the student union and bring two girls back. One was gorgeous and the other one was ugly.”

“He always took the beautiful girl … and gave me the ugly one.”

“But, you know what I found out early? Burt Reynolds’ ugly girlfriends were better than anything I could get on my own.”



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