Cabin crew reveal the weird object passengers always steal from planes

NEXT time you are on a plane you might want to check your seat pockets before buckling in.

Flight attendant Kaylee, who works for Canadian airline Swoop revealed the item that passengers often steal on her TikTok account to her 20,000 followers.


A flight attendant has revealed the item which often gets stolen after a flight[/caption]

In the video, which was captioned “how to tell when there has been an AvGeek on the plane,” she pans across the plane cabin when it is empty.

However, she shows one of the rows which has no plane safety card, which are usually tucked into the seat pockets.

She commented: “We always have extra for this reason.”

The video on TikTok has been watched nearly 16,000 times – with lots of people admitting to doing it.

One person commented: “Not gonna lie – I have 100 per cent done this a few times.”

Another person said: “Not me and my two boxes of almost 200 cards.”

Not everyone agreed, with someone else saying: “I would feel so guilty if I did this.”

Many asked if passengers were allowed to do this, to which Kaylee said “technically no,” but added that they have a few spare.

However, she warned that every seat has to have one or they are not allowed to fly – so taking one runs the risk of delaying flights.

Kaylee previously revealed why there are still ashtrays on flights – even though smoking on planes has been banned for years.


Check your seat pocket before you fly, as the flight safety card might be gone[/caption]


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