Cadbury brings back its Bournville Old Jamaica chocolate bar that tastes of rum and raisin

CADBURY is bringing back its Bournville Old Jamaica chocolate bar this month.

First launched in the 1970s, the retro snack tastes of rum and raisin with the classic dark cocoa of Bournville chocolate.

Cadbury’s Bournville Old Jamaica is back this month

For those who have missed the iconic chocolate, Cadbury has confirmed to The Sun that the recipe used for the new bar is the exact same as the original.

Bournville Old Jamaica has re-launched as a limited edition chocolate several times and was last available in the UK 10 years ago.

This time round, the bar is back as a permanent addition.

Cadbury says the chocolate will be available in stores this month, although the manufacturer has yet to confirm an exact launch date.

We’ve also asked Cadbury which stores will be selling Bournville Old Jamaica, but it tells us it’ll be available “in all major retailers nationwide”.

Bournville Old Jamaica will be sold in 180g and 100g bars, with an RRP of £2.04 and £1 respectively.

Retailers will set their own prices, so what you end up paying will vary depending on the store you go to.

For those watching their calorie intake after Christmas, Bournville Old Jamaica contains 61 calories per three squares of chocolate.

This is slightly better than original Cadbury Bournville, which has 78 calories per three squares of chocolate.

Cadbury fans have been raving about the brand’s new white chocolate that apparently tastes just like old Dream bars.

Cadbury has revealed its Easter range and it includes £6 tins of Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs.

While some chocoholics were convinced the new orange Twirl didn’t exist after the bar “sold out” in some shops.


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