California : a woman and her two grandchildren perished in the flames.

The fires in California have already made at least six dead. Among them, two firefighters, who have struggled for hours to try to extinguish the flames, but also a family, decimated by the tragedy. A 70-year old woman and her two grandchildren aged 4 and 5, were trapped in their mobile home identified by the fire this weekend. They tried in vain to call for help, but it was already too late.

The body of Melody Bledsoe and small James and Emily were discovered a few hours later. “Grand-mother did everything she could to save them,” wrote on Facebook Amanda Woodley, granddaughter of the victim. “She was above them and she had put blankets wet on their bodies to protect them, she added. The family who lives in the city crying these three souls beautiful, my heart is broken, I can’t believe that this is true, I can not stop to see their beautiful faces.”

“The two little ones were angels”

“My nephew was called to the rescue, pleading for help, but they could not arrive in time”, told the “San Francisco Chronicle” Carla Bledsoe, the aunt of the children. The husband of Melody Bledsoe, for his part, explained that they had been absent at that time because he went shopping. His nephew then called to tell him to go home as soon as possible but it is stuck in the traffic jams. “This woman was the best person in the world, and the two little ones were angels,” he confided.

About 12,000 firefighters were still Sunday to fight a fire in California, but the winds described as”erratic” and the dry air have made progress on the fires sometimes get out of control. According to the latest balance sheet available on Sunday at 14 hours, the fire Carr was reduced to ashes more than 36,000 hectares, destroyed 517 buildings and damaged 135. It was limited to 5%.

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