Campaign 2018: Nevada wants dark money group to register with state

Nevada election officials are demanding a dark money group that ran ads attacking Chris Giunchigliani in the Democratic primary race register with the state as a political action group and disclose its donors


The group, United for a Better Tomorrow, ran ads shortly before early voting started in May for the primary election attacking Giunchigliani in her run against fellow Clark County commissioner Steve Sisolak, who won the nomination. The group never registered, leaving questions about who or what groups funded the ads.

“Based on political advertising activity of United for a Better Tomorrow, it appears the organization meets the definition of a PAC and is therefore required to register with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office,” Wayne Thorley, deputy secretary of state of elections, wrote in a letter.

The letter called for the group to respond by July 27, but Jennifer Russell, spokeswoman for the secretary of state’s office, said the state had granted the group’s request for a 30-day extension.

“We have not heard back since then,” she said.

Group goes after Amodei

The Sierra Club has launched what it’s calling an “aggressive digital ad campaign” hitting Northern Nevada Congressman Mark Amodei over recent votes on environmental regulations.

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