Can you work out if these beautiful beaches are in Scotland or the tropics? 

TOMORROW is St Andrew’s day, so we’re celebrating with a look at some of Scotland’s loveliest locations – its beaches.

Some are so beautiful that they look like they could be found on a desert island.

This looks like a Caribbean island – but is actually a beach on the north coast of Iona, an island in the Hebrides

Premier Inn has pinpointed some paradise location in Scotland and the good news is that you won’t need a long-haul flight to visit them.

Can you work out if these beaches are Scottish, or somewhere more far-flung?

There are waterfalls that could be in Hawaii – but that actually turn out to be on the Isle of Skye.

Scotland also has white sandy beaches that look like those in the Seychelles, or Mexico. Read on to see if you can work out which beaches are which.

Head off to Glenmore Forest Park in Scotland to visit The Green Lochan
This is the Devil’s Pulpit in Finnich Glen near Killearn – though it looks more like a jungle pool
Head off to Eoligarry Beach on the Isle of Barra – who needs the Seychelles? You might just be missing the heat…

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This is the actual Seychelles – but Scotland is just as stunning[/caption]

Not the waterfalls of Costa Rica, but actually the Falls of Falloch at Trossachs National Park

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Costa Rica is also knows for its waterfalls such as here at the Rio Celeste, but Scotland is a close contender[/caption]

Langamull Beach on the Isle of Mull could be mistaken for a beach in Mexico

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Tulum Beach in Mexico will be crowded with tourists in summer, unlike Scotland[/caption]

Mangersta Sands in Uig on the Isle of Lewis have a tropical look about them – on a warm day, that is
Mealt Falls on the Isle of Skye could be confused with a waterfall on the coast of Hawaii

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Hawaii’s Waikani waterfall is just as dramatic as Scotland’s version[/caption]

The Queen’s Way Waterfall in Scotland’s Galloway National park looks like a waterfall deep in the rainforest
This is the Fairy Pools of Glenbrittle on the Isle of Skye, but they look just like Croatia’s waterfalls

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The waterfalls at Croatia’s Plitvice National Park are popular with tourists[/caption]


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