Skin Cancer : researchers have developed a blood test capable of detecting melanoma

80% of melanomas of the skin develop from a healthy skin, that is to say, a skin that has no blemish or lesion, as recalled by the National Cancer Institute If certain signs like change in size, color, shape of a mole can alert, it is difficult to detect this form of skin cancer early.

But the Australian researchers from the University of Edith Cowan in Perth (Australia), seem to have developed the first blood test capable of diagnosing very early melanoma.

After having conducted trials on 105 melanoma patients and 104 healthy volunteers, the researchers claim that this blood test was able to detect a melanoma at an early stage in 79% of cases.

“Patients whose melanoma is detected at an early stage have a survival rate of 5 years between 90 and 99 %, whereas if it is not detected early enough and it spreads in the entire body, the rate of survival at 5 years drops below 50%”, explains Pauline Zaenker, lead author of the study.

Future clinical trials planned over the next three years are needed to validate these first results are encouraging.

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