Breast Cancer : symptoms that should alert you

Cancer of the breast, that is what it is ?

A breast cancer is a disease that is the result of a disordered cell located in the chest. The cells affected multiplies, forming a mass called a tumor. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. According to figures from the National Cancer Institute, 54 062 new cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in 2015

Unlike many other diseases, breast cancer is treatable if it is detected early enough the survival rate at 5 years is 99%, according to the National Cancer Institute).

How can we diagnose the cancer of the own ?

Three ways exist for breast cancer detection : the self-examination, an annual balance sheet to the doctor or the gynecologist , or a mammogram. From 25 years of age, women have to take care of their body and to realize frequently one of these three methods in order to monitor a possible cancer of the breast.

What are the symptoms of breast cancer ?

The symptoms of breast cancer are the following :

• A ball in the breast or armpit

• A retraction of the nipple

• Secretions are abnormal

• A deformation of the breast

• A retraction of the skin

• The texture of the nipple that is different

What are the treatments for breast cancer ?

Before any treatment, we proceed to a biopsy. This last one consists in analysing a sample of the tumor to determine its type and thus choose the most appropriate treatment. This test also allows to know the evolution of the disease.

There are 5 categories of treatments :

• surgery

• the radiotherapy

• the chemotherapy

• * hormonal therapy

• targeted therapy

Do not hesitate to go you do track regularly to a specialist or your general practitioner.

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