Cancer survivor left with permanent blue scalp after ‘botched’ £250 fake hair tattoo

CANCER survivor has been left with a permanent blue scalp after a botched £250 fake hair tattoo.

Marcus Miller wanted to hide his hair loss after chemotherapy for testicular cancer – so went to a tattooist in the hope she could help.


Marcus Miller has been left devastated after getting a botched tattoo to replace his hair[/caption]

The dad-of-two paid for a black stubble effect all over his head – but was left with a blue full head tattoo instead.

He claims he can’t leave the house after enduring the painful sessions, and he is more depressed than ever.

He told the Daily Record: “It’s been a total nightmare from start to finish. First, I had to deal with the cancer, then I had to get used to my hair loss and to top it off, the terrible tattoo.

“It has left me really low and depressed. I can’t go anywhere now without a hat and I am conscious of my blue head everywhere I go.

“When someone pointed out her initial on the tattoo I was even more angry. It was like she has branded me.”

The Lanarkshire man has been forced to spend £1,500 on two wigs to hide the tattoo.

He even said he had to wear a hat to some friend’s funerals.

Jen Watkins, who ran Jezebelle Ink, West Lothian, refused to discuss the tattoo when approached by the Daily Record.


Her husband claimed Marcus hadn’t made a complaint about the tattoo, he could claim for compensation via the shop’s insurance and Jen has now retired.

He added: “When you consent to a tattoo, you give your written acknowledgement that ink can change and discolour and react.

“And that being the case, all studios are required to have insurance to cover any such eventualities.

“Jen’s studio had impeccable records from environmental health and from regular inspections.”

Marcus is now having help from Stevie Barry, boss of Laser Tattoo Removal Scotland.

He has offered his services for free to try and remove or change the tattoo.

Earlier this year we told of some of the world’s worst tattoo disasters.


He is now getting help from a Good Samaritan to remove or alter the tattoo[/caption]


He said he opted for a stubble effect but as left with a blue covering of his head[/caption]

The tattooist who Marcus claims did a botch job on his head


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