Candace Owens AGAIN pushes anti-Covid vaccine conspiracy theory after calling Dr Fauci and Bill Gates ‘pure evil’

CANDACE Owens has once again pushed an anti-Covid vaccine conspiracy theory after calling Dr Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates “pure evil.”

The 31-year-old conservative author – who previously insisted she will not be taking the coronavirus vaccine – took to social media shortly before 10.30pm on Friday night.

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Candace Owens has once again pushed an anti-Covid vaccine conspiracy theory [/caption]


Dr Anthony Fauci was called ‘evil’ by Owens[/caption]


Gates was also dubbed ‘evil’[/caption]

Owens wrote to Twitter: “It’s pretty incredible to consider that right now governments are like ‘in order to keep you safe, we need to impoverish you, imprison you, force mask and vaccinate you, plus separate you from your family’.

“And there are millions of people out there that are just like ‘okay!’”

She added in a followup tweet: “Oh! And we also need to control the flow of all information you receive. For ‘safety’.”

Owens was referring to Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine, which was approved last week, and the newly authorized Moderna Covid-19 vaccine.

The second coronavirus shot received emergency use authorization (EUA) on Friday and doses will start being shipped this weekend.

Earlier this week, the conservative pundit– who is pregnant and expecting to give birth in early 2021 – blasted an “evil multi-billion dollar Covid-19 ring.

On the morning of December 15, Owens shockingly called Dr Fauci and Bill Gates “pure evil” in a wild attack – and slammed “the pharmaceutical industry” in a blasting tweet.

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The conservative pundit is pregnant and expecting to give birth in early 2021[/caption]

Dr. Fauci is evil. Bill Gates is evil. The pharmaceutical industry is wrought with corruption and pure evil,” she tweeted.

In just one hour, the tweet amassed over 10,000 retweets and over 42,000 likes.

The comments created a mixed response from her 2.8million followers.

In another instance, Owens tweeted: “Twitter allowed the Russian collusion hoax, plus the Brett Kavanaugh gang-rapist hoax to circulate…

“They censored the TRUE Hunter Biden story and will now censor anything that goes against the multi-billion dollar, evil, Covid-19 ring.

“I will not be touching the vaccine.”

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Dr Fauci’s corrected predicted that the Moderna vaccine would be rolled out next week[/caption]

Her criticism comes despite Pfizer’s Covid vaccine being dubbed a “medical miracle” by President Trump.

Owens then urged her followers “to jump ship and join Parler.”

“It will be only place that people can discuss all of madness and government lies surrounding Covid-19 openly. My handle there is @Candace,” she explained.

Parler is a microblogging and social networking service that launched in 2018.

It calls itself the “world’s premier free speech platform” and declines to fact-check its users.

Prior to that, Owens slammed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a “spoiled rotten brat.”


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