Candace Owens leaves Tucker Carlson in stitches by jokingly announcing she ‘has an ID’ as pair slam Dems over vote fraud

CANDACE Owens left Tucker Carlson in stitches by jokingly announcing she “has an ID” as the two slammed Democrats over voting concerns.

The two were discussing new legislation in Georgia that changed ID requirements for absentee ballots and other voting regulations.

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Candace Owens had Tucker Carlson in stitches while joking about voter rights[/caption]

Fox News

Owens appeared on Carlson’s show on Monday[/caption]

Owens alleged that Democrats saying that the new rules target black voters is actually racist, and suggests that black Americans don’t have government issued IDs.

During a Monday appearance on Carlson’s Fox News show, the host asked Owens if she has a government issued ID and how she got it.

“I’m so excited to announce to the world that I was actually able to secure government issued ID,” the right-wing political commentator sarcastically boasted, “because I am smarter than a fifth-grader.”

Owens’ ramblings had Carlson cracking up as she carried on.


People line up to vote in Georgia’s Senate runoff elections in Georgia in December[/caption]

“The Democrats know that what they’re saying is absolutely foolish,” she continued. “The idea that black Americans are wandering around like Neanderthals, going, ‘How do we do it?’”

“…This would mean, Tucker, we’ve never been into a hotel room, we can’t rent a car, we can’t buy a car, we can’t buy liquor, cigarettes, all the things that require a simple form of identification,” she continued.

She went on to accuse the Democrats of calling the new voting rules in Georgia racist in an effort to get black Americans to go out and protest their causes.

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Owens accused Democrats of being racist[/caption]

The new voting law in Georgia, signed by Gov Brian Kemp last week, adds an ID requirement to the process of requesting an absentee ballot. Previously, voters only had to sign an application.

The bill also limits the time window when absentee ballots can be requested, and limits the use of drop boxes for ballots in the state.

Each county will be required to have at least one drop box, but any additional boxes are limited to the “lesser of either one drop box for every 100,000 active registered voters in the county or the number of advance voting locations in the county.”

The law also bans “line warming,” or providing people in voting lines with food or drinks — in a state where, during the primaries, voters were sometimes waiting in line for hours to cast their ballots.

Democrats have slammed the bill as a way to restrict access to polls.

Former gubernatorial candidate in the state, Stacey Abrams, said that the law “hurts voters of color, increases taxes on struggling families and steals power from local governments.”


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