Heat wave : the peak of warmth before the storms

Still “a day to keep”: the peak of heat will be reached on Tuesday in several regions, with new traffic restrictions, before thunderstorms and a temperature drop that will help you breathe better. Sixty-six departments are placed in vigilance orange by Météo France. Several departments coastal (Aude, Bouches-du-Rhône, Charente-Maritime, Corse-de-Sud, Haute-Corse, Gard, Gironde, Hérault, Landes, Var and Vaucluse) are coming out of the vigilance heatwave which now concern the 56 departments of the eastern half of the country and of the parisian basin, where is located the peak of the heat wave Tuesday, with even up to 40°C expected locally, according to Météo-France.

The ten departments of a large quarter north-west are in vigilance storm (Sarthe, Calvados, Orne, Eure, Seine-Maritime, Somme, Aisne, Oise, Nord and Pas-de-Calais). They will experience a degradation stormy from Tuesday afternoon, which can be “virulent” in places, warns Météo France. This degradation storm arriving from the North-West and win the rest of the country will lead to a fall sometimes “brutal” temperatures and “will put an end to this period heatwave” on Wednesday. This does not necessarily mean the end of weather alerts. The collision between the cooler air come from the Atlantic and “superheated air” runs the risk of causing Tuesday evening in Normandy, in the paris region and in the North of the storms “strong or violent” locally, with hail and strong gusts of wind, has warned the forecaster Jean-Pierre Hamlet.

Prevention bears fruit

Despite the refresh is announced, the health authorities have called for them not to release the attention. “The recovery is increasingly difficult” for the frail and elderly, recalled on BFMTV the director-general of Health, Jerome Solomon, who fears the “counter-punch on the bodies of the the most fragile people” three or four days after the end of the episode. Fifteen years after the heat wave of deadly August 2003, “the prevention messages are beginning to bear fruit”, he however noted. While it is recommended to drink water regularly, but also eating enough, a quarter of elderly people who consulted an emergency department for the heat wave suffered from hyponatremia: these people had drunk too much water without eating enough.

The minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn repeated in spite of everything Monday on RTL that there was “not today alert or special health facilities or retirement homes-type long-term care facilities, or to the world of work”, even if it will have to wait a month to get the “consolidated figures of pathologies and deaths related to the heat. “We still have a day to take, let’s be still vigilant tomorrow and we will be past the hard part”, she added. In Toulouse, since Friday, the day of Starch, normally closed for the summer, was welcomed to the day in its premises refreshed and thirty pregnant women and/or with young children who do not have stable residence.

Maintenance of traffic differentiated

The heat wave causes on the other hand, ozone pollution persist in many areas, in Île-de-France, in the East, the valley of the Rhone, the Alps. This pollutant promotes asthma and may aggravate disorders of the cardio-vascular or respiratory. The maximum speed was reduced to 20 km/h on many roads and the traffic differentiated which prohibits vehicles the most polluting of the roll has been put in place Monday in several cities, including Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, Annecy.

The traffic differentiated is renewed for Tuesday in the capital. The impact of the heat wave and drought are also being felt on the economic activities, particularly agricultural. The country has, however, been rather spared by the fire. “We had a lot of water in the spring, therefore, despite a dry surface that is installed, it is still less dry than the previous years in regions such as Corsica and the South which are usually the lights. And there was no wind,” explained Jean-Pierre Hamlet. In Bordeaux, the town council has warned residents against scams heat wave”, of the solicitation is abusive to some residents of the city centre, particularly of the elderly.

“Taking advantage of the extreme heat, ill-intentioned individuals masquerading as municipal employees, offering water to the more fragile, door-to-door”, and can take advantage of it to make an identification, or even steal something, he explains it to the town hall.

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