Capitol protest today LIVE – Justice for J6 rally start time today in Washington DC as DHS warns of potential violence

THE “Justice for J6” rally in Washington DC is getting underway outside the Capitol today.

Fences have been put up around DC in anticipation of the event, with cops taking no chances after the violent scenes on January 6.

The Justice for J6 rally will allegedly protest the “inhumane” treatment of January 6 Capitol rioters.

Look Ahead America, the group organizing the rally, is also holding events at 13 other state capitols on the same day.

An hour before the event was to begin, as music started blaring from the speakers, the few demonstrators in place were vastly outnumbered by the media and a heavy police presence.

A permit for the protest allows 700 people, but police were concerned about violent protesters and counterprotesters.

Police were also preparing for the possibility that some demonstrators may arrive with weapons, though backpacks were allowed into the area and there were no checkpoints.

You can read live updates on the rally below …


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