Captain America defends the United States even in real life

Following a meeting between Trump and Putin, Chris Evans aka Captain America took the floor on Twitter to denounce the statements of the American President. A position welcomed by the Americans. It is not only in the Avengers that he wants to save America.

Since 2011, the actor Chris Evans embodies Captain America in the Marvel movies. A character symbol of the American fighting for his country. But Chris Evans is not Captain America only in the cinema. The actor is already noted for his appearances in hospitals for sick children, and today he has not hesitated to speak out against Donald Trump.

The much maligned American President has met with Vladimir Putin in the beginning of the week, and at this meeting, Trump said that he had no more reasons to believe the u.s. intelligence, Russian President (in reference to listening during the presidential campaign against Hillary Clinton). A statement of shock that has caused much ink to flow across the atlantic. Some have not hesitated to treat the American President is a traitor because he spent his time defending Russia and denigrate the United States, the FBI and Hillary Clinton. During this outcry, Chris Evans, has also taken the word on Twitter.

“I don’t even know what to say. Today was a shame. Donald Trump has embarrassed the United States and should be ashamed of himself. Shame on anyone who chooses to ignore the interference in Russian in our democracy for the well-being of the policy of Trump. I’m completely lost.”

The actor had then challenged the Republican Party to denounce the actions of Trump and his side pro-Putin.

“This moron, this puppet, this loose alongside Putin against our own intelligence agencies ! On a world stage !!! BASED ON NOTHING MORE THAN THE WORDS OF PUTIN ! Why ?? Can SOMEONE give an answer ?? What the heck happens. Politics aside, this is 100% not american. The Republican Party, where are you ????”

A spokesperson hosea, who has been hailed on Twitter :

“I love a man that uses his platform to be influential to denounce injustice.”

In the Face of the outcry it has provoked, the President Trump is back on his remarks, saying that it had been mistranslated and that he has full confidence in the us intelligence agencies.

The cinema has changed in a few decades, and there are many criticisms against it. is therefore launching a debate to find out what you think.

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