Cardi B Makes Racist Joke About Puerto Ricans, Haitians and Mexicans During Skit

Cardi B Racist Joke … About Puerto Ricans, Haitians and Mexicans


Sources close to Cardi tell TMZ the video was shot 3 years ago, when Cardi was an Instagram comedian and not a rapper. The sources say what she said is no different than material delivered by other Hispanic comedians, like George Lopez. 

Cardi B joked that cleaning your vagina and butt with a towel is a Puerto Rican bath, a Haitian shower or a Mexican spa day.

Cardi shot a skit for “Wild ‘n Out” star Rip Micheals … who has a new show called “Off the Rip.”

The skit is called Ho Bath. She gives advice to women who have been with a guy who leaves and then another guy is coming over soon, so there isn’t time to shower. Instead, she says the trick is to grab a towel and rub it on the vaginal area and butt.

She does various sketches about “Ho Etiquette” … about hygiene and relationships. Her character’s name in the skits is “Vanilla Mouse Cupcake.” VMC gives dating advice to women.

It’s interesting … Azealia Banks went nuts on “Wild ‘n Out” after DC Young Fly joked the show got Azealia because Cardi wasn’t available. Azealia felt it was “anti-black” … making an assumption the premise of the joke is that Cardi B is light-skinned and Azealia is dark-skinned.

It appears the show will air on MTV.

This has been a month for rappers crossing the line. As you know, Nicki Minaj said she was the new Harriet Tubman the night of the VMA’s.


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