Carjack victim whose Mercedes was ‘nicked by a machete-wielding thug’ found the yob himself after police snubbed him

A CARJACK victim whose motor was nicked by a machete-wielding thug found the yob himself after cops gave up.

Sheikh Islam, 33, turned detective when police made no progress — even failing to respond to his 999 call.

Restaurant boss Sheikh Islam, 33, found the thug who stole his car himself after police snubbed him
Nick Obank – The Sun

He had advertised the five-year-old Mercedes E class on Gumtree for £12,500.

But a “buyer” threatened him with a 12in blade during a test drive before speeding off.

After the lack of police action restaurant boss Mr Islam posted a description of the robber on Facebook site Stolen Cars UK.

Within hours he was sent a photo of a 25-year-old man he recognised immediately. Others came forward with an address.

Mr Islam, of Dagenham, East London, was carjacked and threatened with a machete in his Mercedes Class E
Nick Obank – The Sun

But when Mr Islam, of Dagenham, East London, phoned cops with his dossier they told him the case had been “closed”.

He said: “I’ve done the police’s job for them but despite being threatened with a machete, I don’t seem to be a priority. It’s bang out of order.”

The Met Police said it had since reopened the case.


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