Catastrophe in Mexico : 122 marine turtles found dead on beaches

One hundred and twenty-two marine turtles, the majority of whom belong to an endangered species, were found dead on the beaches of Puerto Arista, in the southern mexican State of Chiapas, without that we know the causes of their death, authorities said. Traces of blows on the head and the shell, and marks left by the hooks have been identified in 10% of the turtles died, said a press release of different government authorities led by the ministry of the Environment.

“The causes of death have not been determined due to the state of decomposition of the cadavers prevented the autopsy,” explained the press release. Of 122 turtles found on the beaches, 111 belong to the species of Golfina, an endangered. The authorities have stated that they intensified their efforts to combat the capture of turtles that populate the beaches of Chiapas.

The traffic of turtles punished by the law

Mexico banned since 1990, the catch of sea turtles, but illegal trade of their eggs continues. The turtle eggs are used in the traditional cuisine of the indigenous peoples of the south of the country and they are ready in addition to aphrodisiac properties. The trafficking of sea turtles is punishable by up to nine years in prison in Mexico.

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