Disaster avoided after the dispute in the sky of two pilots iraqis

The aircraft of Iraqi Airways took off without incident from Machhad in Iran. But its 150 passengers have almost never come to Baghdad, because of an argument between pilot and co-pilot, apparently… for a dinner tray! Media and social networks, the iraqis are immediately seized of the case, with horror or irony, pushing the national carrier to split a statement of explanation. “What are the drivers or drivers of vans?”, was mine to interrogate a user, in reference to these drivers known to ride at any pace, and which are the nightmare of other motorists.

“The department of Transportation has opened an investigation with the two drivers who were competing in flight,” said Iraqi Airways on Wednesday evening in a press release that does not specify when the incident took place. The company does not give the reason for the discord on this flight, which carried 157 passengers and crew members.

A quarrel over a meal tray

But in a letter addressed to his hierarchy, consulted by AFP, the co-pilot says that, while the aircraft was in flight, “the tone is mounted with the driver because he refused to let a hostess brings me a meal tray, under the pretext that I had not asked for permission”.

After taking his own meal, he continued, the pilot “used inappropriate language” and then was “struck and insulted, which has led to the arrival of a member of the security”. The two men have however managed to land the plane, but once the device is laid in Baghdad, “the driver has re-focused shots and insults”. In the Face of this, argues he, “I had to defend myself”. Iraqi Airlines indicates that it has suspended the two men and promised that they “will not escape the sanctions the toughest ( … ), such as the prohibition of flying for life”.

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