Cathy Guetta : “With David, I have lived a great love”. The full interview

Paris Match. Child, you dansiez constantly in front of your mirror. Will give you so much importance to your physical ?Cathy Guetta. Not at all. I was dancing because I was a fan of Claude François, I knew all the choreography. Why him ? It is very personal. I found it extraordinary that, at this time, he dares to put in front of dancers black and mestizo. Mother strasbourg, father of cameroon, I was different, I was a little feel. I abritais behind these dancers sublime, I cited the example to sweep away all of the small spades. A teenager, crazy about rock and Elvis Presley, I was the good friend that the sexy girl that we dredge. I accommodais very well. Everything changed when my brother Chris took me out clubbing on a Sunday afternoon, near Toulon. I started to dance and all eyes fell on me. It was like a revelation. It was in that universe that I was going to find my way and I thrive.

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That is to say, organize parties, to stage your life as you did for the first time at your wedding with David, in 1992 ?My goal has never been to put my life on stage, or that of David or of anyone. My motivation since the childhood is to make people happy. At Christmas, I bought all of the gifts : the ones that my brothers would offer to our parents, the ones that my parents offered to my brethren, in the gifts of my brothers among them. I’ve always loved to give to others.

After your divorce, four years ago, have you experienced a crossing of the desert without “the other” remind you of ?On the contrary, I was immediately harassed proposals, but I refused. I was in pain. After twenty-five years of common life, of love, with two young children, David had decided to leave and it has been very hard. This shock, he took me to the cash. For three years, I am taken from this life night. I had to rebuild me as a woman, help my children, protect them. I have led a normal existence, that I had not done since tens of years. This parenthetical has been life-saving. In London, where I live, we were safe from what could tell about us, or about David in France. But my guardian angel gave me on the way to the night. This is a crucial part of my life.

“I write a new page of Ibiza. Only.”

This year, in Ibiza, David mixes in front of the Hï, the institution where you plan your evening of hip-hop. Do you continue to see you ?When you get divorced, the world collapses. It is surely hard to leave everything, I’m talking to David, it is even more to stay. One must manage complex emotions : the anger, the guilt, the sadness. And after ? I think that David will forever be the man of my life. We have lived an incredible story and we share two beautiful children. Was it trying to sweep it all, destroy everything ? The transition has been chaotic, and then the reason won out. Back in the professional life with two beach restaurants and three evenings has helped me. I found the happiness to fulfil my passion, I am lean. And especially Elvis and Angie are so happy to see that David and I we get along well… Then I am too.

You are a woman of challenges. A legacy from your parents ?They taught me to never let go. My father was in the military. He was retired at 45 years of age, at a time when the unemployment rate was skyrocketing in France. I’ve lived all of his dramatic years in search of employment, his days sifting through the small ads, its galleys for a job of three days. It was fine for the lesser appointment, he fought, what courage ! I saw him driving a car without insurance because he could not pay it. Before, it was not much more simple. He was stationed at Tahiti, and my mother was waiting for the mandates, which often arrived late. I was going to do the race in its place. Has credit. They had a need that I assured them. My father arrived alone in London at the age of 5 years because a civil war was threatening in Cameroon. My mother, born of unknown father, was placed in an orphanage because his mother could not care for it. I had no other family than them and my two brothers. The five fingers of the hand, protecting one another, battling everything, including the ushers.

That you have passed from other than you pass now to Elvis and Angie ?The honesty, the taste of the effort, knowing how to remain dignified in all circumstances. Mom bought a small lipstick and nail Polish in the Supermarket to prove to us that everything was fine while everything was going very badly. For seven years, she left Toulon from Thursday to Saturday to come to Paris to sell cigarettes and candy in the institutions where I worked. At the age of 70, she earned her own money, and it made her so happy. She could go to the hairdresser, to pass a command to The Redoubt without having anything to ask. My children have been lucky enough to be born into a context easy, but when you ask them where they feel best, they respond : “At Grandma’s, in her little house in Toulon.” And also in their uncle’s garage, with my nephews and nieces. All that is true and simple as life. Here, between me who breaks three ribs at the worst moment of the season and their father who finished his new album and who does most of life, they learn what work should be provided. What is most striking in Elvis and Angie, is that they have the permanent concern not to disappoint us.

Like you with your parents ?Yes, it is true… Excuse me, I’m crying, sorry. I am in the line of duty permanently. Thank always. My mother has been constantly telling me : “With politeness, you franchiras all the obstacles.” This is what I explain to my children. And it connects me directly to my parents. My father, disappeared nine years ago. Has my mother who is 87 years old and which I try to occupy me in the best way possible so that it retains total independence. I love it so much, I owe him what I am. When I go a few days without the call, I panic. If my family is not happy, I can’t be. I am the antithesis of selfishness.

With your numerous activities in Ibiza, how do you organize with the children ?I get home between 5 and 7 o’clock in the morning and no matter what happens, I get up at noon to spend time with them. They come with me to the beach, where I have my two restaurants, or at my rehearsals. They are the kings. They do not have to undergo what I do. They have had a year quite difficult at the lycée français in London. It is their demand a lot. They are serious, are working well and are fully bilingual. But, at 14 and 10 years old, he has the right to relax a little.

Their first names have a origin to be an artist ?Elvis it is of course to Presley, my idol. When David went to declare our son at the town hall he called me to tell me : “And if he wants to work in a bank ?” I replied : “OK, put Tim in front of it.” But only the first name Elvis remained. Angie is a reference to the song by the Rolling Stones. Mick Jagger also signed the disc for his birth.

Could they walk on your footsteps ?Elvis wants to become a model. He loves the culture of hip-hop and hip-hop, and a passion for the world of fashion is related to this current. It is a part of generation Supreme, this brand streetwear iconic. It is unbeatable for the looks, knows all about the collaborations between singers and creators. He also loves soccer, which he practices, is absolute fan of Kylian Mbappé. And I already feel stirrings in him the business man. Angie is much more artist. She excels at the piano, draw, dance, dance. His dream for now : to become a dancer in musicals. 10 years ago, she is already a perfectionist to a point unimaginable. She may cry out in rage if she fails to achieve its objectives.

The name Guetta has become a brand. Do you feel that you have contributed a lot ?I have kept that name, David and I have not even discussed the principle. Together we made this name an emblem of originality, quality and usability. When we let go of all our institutions, in 2005, I experienced a form of depression. I was no longer the wife of David Guetta. I had everything removed. I’ve played the game, without jealousy, with all my heart, to help David succeed, for he does not worry in relation to the children. I managed for it to invest up to 100 %. Today, it is my time, I do what I want. With my hip-hop nights, while the techno reign supreme here, I dare. I write a new page of Ibiza. Only.

How do you keep up this pace ?The passion, the adrenaline. Love what you do erases all signs of fatigue. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I am talking and I have obviously good genes. I’m in shape, I want to be in the action, whether my dreams are those of the other. I am the queen of questioning. Live in the present moment is very complicated. Of course, this life night will end one day, it will be in the sweetness.

Do not be in a couple of way installed, that is for the moment or for always ?I have lived a great love. While not everyone has this chance. Today, I am first a mom. I work, and I’m having a blast, proud to be a comeback on the ring after years of KB. Another man ? If it is the right that passes for my children and for me, don’t worry, I know how to recognize it.

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