CBS is paying Oprah Winfrey up to $9M to air her bombshell interview with Meghan and Harry

CBS is paying Oprah Winfrey up to $9 million to air her bombshell interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry where they are expected to spill all about their dramatic exit from the Royal family. 

The network has forked out between $7 million and $9 million in license fees to Winfrey’s production company Harpro Productions for the rights to the tell-all sit down with the Sussexes, according to a report.   

Reps for Meghan and Harry insisted they are not being paid for the special, nor are they receiving a financial donation for a charity of their choice.

However experts say the publicity surrounding the show will help propel the $1 billion brand the couple are on a mission to build in the US.

They have already secured deals with the likes of Netflix after leaving the UK last January for a new ‘quiet’ life in the US. 

The tell-all interview will be aired first in the US on Sunday night despite protests it should be put on hold while Prince Philip – Harry’s grandfather – recovers in hospital from heart surgery. 

Meghan and Harry’s bombshell tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey (pictured) will be aired first in the US on Sunday night

Until now, the financial details of the hotly-anticipated interview have been a closely guarded secret.  

Sources told the Wall Street Journal Friday about the multi-million-dollar deal struck between Winfrey and Viacom’s CBS which was reached after the talk show host pitched to the network as well as Comcast’s NBC and Walt Disney’s ABC. 

Under the deal, CBS also has rights to license the special in international markets.

The network has already sold it in 17 countries and all of sub-Saharan Africa with the UK’s ITV paying £1 million for the rights to air it Monday after a bidding war with rival network Sky.  

The two-hour interview will air first in the US on CBS at 8 pm ET Sunday – one of the biggest primetime TV viewing slots.   


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