This humanoid robot terrifies the internet users

The images went around the world. In a video released mid-August on Twitter by the user FLICTERIA, and relayed by thousands of people, including the illusionist English Derren Brown, you can see a robot walking in an alley. Although it only lasts 14 seconds, the clip highlights a machine that reproduces to perfection the approach of humans when they visit a place : both lackadaisical and slow. Many internet users have become afraid and cried out to a possible revelation that could be caused by the invasion of the robots with an artificial intelligence. “WE’re ALL GOING to DIE”, writes Derren Brown, who is followed by over two million fans on Twitter.

But in reality, the robot presented in the video is not real. It was created on a computer. It is the director, south african Neill Blomkamp that has sold the wick, stating that the image was part of a series Adam, who traces the story of a human whose brain has been “removed” and imprisoned in a robot. The video is so well done that it has deceived thousands of people.

Made with Unity

Moreover, it was made with Unity, a software that is used by graphic designers, for the realization of films and video games.

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