Celine Dion, in a swimsuit in the middle of the night in Singapore

On Instagram, Céline Dion posted a photo from behind the scenes of her Asian tour. One evening in Singapore, after her concert, the singer took a midnight dip on a rooftop.

On tour, Celine Dion had a blast. As she toured Asia, then Australia and New Zealand this summer as part of the Celine Dion Live Tour 2018, the Canadian singer had as many good times on stage as off. In Singapore in particular, where she was in concert at the Marina Bay Sands on 4 July, she took advantage of some free time to relax.

On Instagram, she shared a photo of herself in a black bodysuit in a rooftop pool. “Remembering a spontaneous photo shoot in the middle of the night in Singapore,” she commented. “It was so hot we decided to cool off in the rooftop pool. We had a lot of fun, I loved this city!”

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As part of her Asian tour, Céline Dion performed in China, Indonesia and Thailand. She has documented her tour extensively on the internet. When she’s not on stage, she’s having fun backstage. Céline Dion shared a photo of herself in a cart pushed by her bodyguards.
Like in “Titanic”

“I Drove All Night, To Get To You… with my new vehicle… maintenance free and low on gas! (Safety comes as an option),” the Canadian singer joked. In another photo, Celine Dion poses with her arms in the air on a pontoon and refers to one of the most famous scenes from “Titanic” and one of her most famous hits “My heart will go on”: “It’s much bigger than an iceberg!”

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