Census 2021 LIVE – How YOU could get a massive £1,000 fine if you fail to fill out form by this Sunday’s deadline

THOUSANDS of people in England and Wales face getting a huge £1,000 fine if they do not fill out the 2021 Census form on Sunday.

The census takes place every 10 years with every household in the UK required to fill out a form providing details of who lives or stays at the property and details of the house itself.

This year’s census is only taking place in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as Scotland has decided to postpone until next year due to covid.

This year there are a number of new questions households will have to answer – including one about central heating that has left many people baffled on how to answer.

The punishment for failing to complete the form, either physically or online, by Sunday is a whopping £1,000 fine.

Read our Census 2021 live blog below for the latest news, updates and useful tips…


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