CES 2019 most bizarre concept cars revealed – from a ‘living room on wheels’ to VR gaming for passengers

THEY may look like something out of a sci-fi movie, but these cars could be on our roads a lot sooner than you think.

From a virtual reality gaming system where you can battle alongside Iron Man to a driverless car which plays movies on the windscreen, car lovers have plenty of excitement in store in the near future.

CES 2019 saw some bizarre concept cars revealed

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas wrapped up last week, where the world’s major car manufacturers showed off their latest ideas and features.

And when the car industry merges with giants in the tech world, the result is always impressive.

These are some of the best and most bizarre vehicles that are certain to catch your eye.

Audi Holoride

The Holoride system allows passengers to play virtual reality games while in the back seat

German giant Audi have partnered up with Disney to unveil its new entertainment system, Holoride, which allows passengers to play virtual reality games in the back seat.

Using VR headsets, Holoride syncs with the movement of the car allowing you to play a range of games during your journey.

Its first game – Marvel’s Avengers:Rocket’s Rescue Run – was trialled last week where passengers race through space alongside Iron Man shooting at asteroids.

Holoride is designed to match the movements of your car to help reduce motion sickness, while each game is tailored to the length of your journey.

Hyundai Virtual Touch

The “car of tomorrow” has its own movie screen you can use while driving

Hyundai’s concept vehicle – billed as the “car of tomorrow” – was another feature which made headlines at the show thanks to its Virtual Touch technology.

The gesture-based system allows you to point or wave your hands to control an interactive screen which covers the entire windshield.

Drivers can select a movie or other entertainment options while the vehicle drives itself.

The concept car also includes facial recognition technology that assesses the driver’s emotional state to change the interior lighting and keep them engaged while in driving mode.

Hyundai expects to roll out the cars by 2025.

Hyundai Elevate

The Elevate is capable of climbing over a 5ft wall

Hyundai were busy at CES, also showcasing a concept car that can walk and climb.

The robot-like motor has four wheels that extend like limbs to help it cross over a range of different terrains.

The vehicle can also climb over a 5ft wall and jump a 5ft gap.

According to Hyundai, the car could help emergency services during natural disaster missions and when trying to retrieve survivors.

BMW Vision iNEXT

The BMW concept has carpeted seats and a wooden coffee table

BMW’s latest concept is for drivers who want to sit back in comfort while their car takes car of everything.

Labelled as a “living room on wheels”, the car features in-built touch sensors that allow you to control the entertainment system by pressing any part of the interior.

The self-driving vehicle also boasts a voice-activated personal assistat who can respond to your every need.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Urbanetic

The Vision Urbanetic is a driverless taxi that can hold up 12 people

Mercedes-Benz debuted its own driverless concept – the Vision Urbanetic – which acts as both a delivery van and a shared taxi.

The flashy vehicle can transport up to 12 people at once during short journeys around town.

Its internal design features multiple benches in a bid to encourage ride sharing.


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