These celebs who were married with their first love from high school

If the summer is conducive to lovely amourettes, for some stars such as Hugo Lloris, Heather Morris of Glee or even Eminem, the great love can be found on the benches of the school !

All you need is love. It’s almost a week that the team of France (men’s world champion of football. During this World, the everyday players of the team has been analyzed and commented. And if we told you recently why we really wanted to see this team of France to win the world Cup, it goes without saying that we are also pleased to see that side of their life private, everything goes wonderfully well. More importantly, two of those players are now married to their first love, the woman they fell in love while they were still in high school. They are the ones who gave us the idea for this article. After you have gave 5 good reasons to follow Kylian Mbappé on the social networks, the return on these personalities that we have proved that there was no age to find the right person !

Hugo & Marine Lloris

Hugo Lloris is not just an excellent goalkeeper who shone and so hot-boiling mad at this world Cup, it is also a wonderful man. And it shows in his private life : he is married to a very pretty woman named Navy since 2012 and that he had met in the early 2000s. Crazy in love, they have since had two lovely daughters : Anna-Rose, born in July 2012 and a small Giuliana was born in February 2014. Very discreet, Hugo Lloris exposes little his girls and his wife on the social networks. But this is not to say that the three women in his life do not interest the press and the public who are now completely fans.

Heather Morris & Taylor Hubbell

If you like the series, Heather Morris is far from an unknown to you. In fact, she became famous as the great Brittany in the musical series from Ryan Murphy, I named Glee. If her stint in Dancing with the Stars has been very commented on, it is his relationship with Taylor Hubbell excites the crowds. It has thus met his future baseball player husband in high school, in Arizona. But it is when Heather moved to Los Angeles that things have moved between them : Taylor has contacted the woman via MySpace. In 2012, they emménageaient together, one year before she gives birth to a baby Elijah Beckwith Hubbell. In may 2015, they were married and the young woman gave birth to Owen Barlett Hubbell in February 2016 !

Blaise Matuidi & Isabelle Malice

Already known to be a very good midfielder, Blaise Matuidi has become the star of social networks (well, rather one and the same) during the match France-Belgium. After a fall, the footballer has been filmed looks completely haggard, as he tried to understand what had happen to him. The plan in slow motion has been around the world and we revel today. But if the one who is changing the Juventuc FC we are interested in, it is because he is father to three beautiful children : Myliane, Naëlle and Eden. All are from his union with Isabelle, is a strong personality that he had met a teenager at Troyes, while he was trained in the ESTAC. Since, they do leave more !

Eminem & Kim Scott

To say that the story linking Eminem Kim Scott is complex would be a mild understatement. The two meet teens, after Kim (13 years old) has fled the family home with his little sister. Eminem (15 years old) makes a very good impression and their relationship began in 1989. Ten years later, Eminem passes the ring finger of Kim. But in 2000, Eminem asked for divorce because Kim was arrested for drunk driving. This year, he wrote the song “Kim”. In the song, and during his concerts, he puts himself in a scene killing his wife after discovering that she tricked him and made her lover enter into their homes. Shocked, Kim made a suicide attempt before the to sue for defamation a few weeks later. They divorced in November 2001 before reconciling at the end of 2004. But nothing, their relationship is not working and they divorce again in December 2006. From their union is born Hailie Jade Scott Mathers on December 25, 1995.

Misha Collins & Victoria Vantoch

His face tells you something but do not remember ever to his name. This is the time to remember ! This actor that you have seen in Supernatural, NCIS, Monk , and csi : New York is called Misha Collins. But before you appear in all these series, Misha Collins had already met his wife. It crossed in the hallways of their high school Massachusetts. It is also the case in 2001 that the actor has married his historian and writer of bride. Specializing in the history of the airlines and of sex, the author has already produced two beautiful children : West Anaximander Collins born September 2010, and Maison Marie Collins born in September 2012.

Robin Thicke & Paula Patton


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The story of these two guys could have been a real fairy tale. In fact, it is in a club for minors that these two met. He was 14, she was 16. They love, love, love, reunite, come together and their relationship takes off two years after their meeting. In 2005, they married. Their son, Julian Fuego Thicke, born in April 2010. But four years later, they announced that they were separating. Huge buzz ! What happens in the life of a crooner adored by millions of young girls ? Paula Patton attack while in court for domestic violence, infidelity and abuse of drugs and alcohol. All this, in parallel with an investigation of violence on their son carried out by the social services. In 2014, he dedicates an entire album to try to make amends. In vain.

Tyler Posey & Seana Gorlick

The case of Tyler Posey is extremely interesting. In fact, Seana Garlick is a young girl he knows for years, since childhood. Love as ever, these two have spent a decade side-by-side. Not bad for a player who is only 26 years old ! In 2013, and in a logic that is almost unstoppable, Tyler Posey request Seana Garlick in marriage. They are now engaged. But the cancer of the breast of the mother of Tyler begins to question everything. After 10 years of relationship, the two are separating. In the months that followed, the mother of Tyler Posey dies – season 5 of Teen Wolf has been dedicated to free wheel for weeks, the actor goes bad buzz : fake coming out, photos and videos intimate leakées, relationship chaotic with Bella Thorne, etc

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