Channel 4’s gritty new drama The Virtues will tug at the nation’s heartstrings – but when does it start, what’s it about and who’s in the cast with Stephen Graham?

The Virtues is the forthcoming drama series, starring Stephen Graham, on Channel 4 that you don’t want to miss.
From what’s been gathered so far, here is all the information you need to stay up to date with the show and when it’s set to premiere.

shane meadows upcoming drama channel 4 the virtues
Shane Meadows is directing and writing the forthcoming Channel 4 series The Virtues
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When does it start?

The Virtues will premiere in May 2019.
So far, there’s no word on what actual day the series will start, but it’ll definitely be sometime in May.
While intrigued viewers would normally be used to watching a season filled with plenty of episodes, The Virtues will only consist of four.

What is The Virtues about?

The four-part mini-series will focus on the life of Joseph, who is struggling with the process of recovering from his alcohol addiction.
Following his girlfriend’s decision to move to Australia and be with their younger son, the two break up and it only sets Joseph down a further path of destruction.
In a desperate attempt to find himself around companionship while recollecting thoughts of his childhood, Joseph heads back to the south of Ireland where he restores his broken bond with his sister Anna.

shane meadows the virtues channel 4
Shane Meadows has assembled an impressive cast for the series
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Anna had thought her brother was dead, so it’s a complete shocker for her to see her sibling at her home.
She welcomes Joseph with open arms and, through the help of her husband, employs him to work under the family’s company.
Here, Joseph meets Craigy, who not only causes quite the distraction in his life but also influences him to once again face the demons he had been trying to run from when initially making the move to relocate to the south of Ireland.

Who has been cast in the series?

Stephen Graham (This Is England, Snatch) will play the challenging role of Joseph while Helen Behan (Wildfire, Taken Down) has been cast as his sister.
Frank Laverty is Anna’s husband Michael in the forthcoming series and Mark O’Halloran (Devils) is the sketchy work colleague named Craigy.
Michael’s sister Dinah, who is played by Niamh Algar, concludes the main cast.

Meanwhile, Shane Meadows will helm the director and writer position.

He is famously known for winning a Bafta for Best British Film with 2008’s This Is England.


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