Cheap new Nintendo Switch is ‘imminent’ and could be out this summer

A CHEAP new Nintendo Switch is “imminent” according to one analyst as reports indicate it’ll be out this June.

Speaking to Sun Online, industry expert Michael Pachter described a Switch Lite as a “no brainer”.

Nintendo are playing their cards close to their chest at the moment
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A cheaper Switch that has built-in controllers and no docking station has been rumoured for some time and the Wedbush Securities analyst says he believes such a device was “imminent”.

Bloomberg reports that a cheaper Switch could be here by the end of June, which would fit in nicely for a reveal at E3.

Nintendo desperately needs a cheaper console to replace the aging DS handhelds which are still very popular but for which new games have basically dried up.

What isn’t clear is whether this version will work with a TV or not.

Earlier this month, Japan’s Nikkei paper, as translated by USgamer, said that a “smaller, bargain version” would be here by the end of the year, and that it would connect to televisions, as the current Switch does.

The new Nintendo Switch will reportedly be aimed more at the handheld market – but will still work with your telly

It also seems that a next-generation Switch 2 or even a Switch Pro is a long way off.

“A more powerful Switch is more ambitious and requires new components,” Pachter says, and wasn’t coming any time soon.

Bloomberg’s report says there isn’t a more powerful Switch in the works, but claims there is a “modest upgrade” on the way this year — this seems like it would replace the existing Switch hardware without offering any significant new features or more power.

This could be something like the Xbox One S or PS4 Slim models which replaced the launch versions of those consoles after just under three years on the market.

The Nikkei report talked about a “next generation” replacement for the current console, it isn’t clear if this is actually going to be the Switch 2 or just a faster, better version of the current console.

The report says that the firm is experimenting with changes to everything from the operating system to the quality of the graphics, and that it was at the very early stages of design and certainly won’t be out this year.


MYVIEW – By Alex Sassoon Coby, Digital Gaming Editor

NOW is as good a time as any, really.

A cheaper more mobile-friendly and more kid-friendly version looks certain to arrive within months, but it won’t replace the current Switch.

It also seems unlikely to come with a price cut for the main Switch, since the new device is meant to be the bargain option.

If you’re thinking about waiting for a souped-up Switch, you’re likely to be disappointed.

If a hardware upgrade does come this year it seems like it’s only going to be very minor.

Once it’s out it will be undoubtedly better than the current version, but definitely not enough to be worth waiting for.

Also, if a new Switch is going to be here for Christmas, the chances of finding discounted regular Switches in Black Friday sales seem minimal too.

So you may as well take the plunge.

The DS console family is showing its age, and very few games are coming for it any more

Earlier reports had indicated Nintendo were hoping to get a Switch Pro out this year alongside a budget offering.

The idea is that this cheaper console will be a replacement for Nintendo’s child-friendly 2DS and 3DS handhelds, which can cost as little as £80 new, even when bundled with a game.

The Pro will be a mid-generation upgrade like the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, which have more horsepower than the original consoles but still runs exactly the same games.

This week Microsoft revealed what is effectively an Xbox One Lite — a digital-only version of the Xbox One S.

Sony, meanwhile, has given the first details on the PS5, but worried some game fans by making explicit their ban on “sexual” content without defining what they considered that to be.

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