Cheap rugby boots to kickstart your game: from protective to lightweight boots

IF there’s one sport where wearing the wrong pair of shoes isn’t just bad for your game but dangerous for both you and your fellow players, it’s rugby.

For instance, did you know boots made for American football or unmodified boots are illegal on the rugby pitch? (The extra cleat in the middle toe of American football boots could blind an opponent without the helmet for protection).

Rugby boots come in all colours and are fit for different purposes

Which makes it doubly important to not scrimp on quality when you’re in the market for a budget pair.

You’re looking for a pair with a tough upper with a hugging fit, an outsole with studs that dig deep into the pitch, a flat heel and a cushioned midsole.

Of course, the pair you pick will depend on the position you play (for instance, you’ll need lesser studs and a more lightweight upper if you play at the back, not much cushioning on the midsole if you play forwards).

Whatever your style, position and budget, you’ll find a pair here that fits.

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1. Cheap rugby boots for new players

Cheap and simple, this is great if you’re just finding your feet

Canterbury are one of the biggest brands in rugby and so getting a pair of their cheap boots are a safe bet. The Phoenix Club boots are perfect for first timers, especially because of the low cost.

These come with removable metal studs that are ideal for playing in casual leagues. Many referees are traditionalists and won’t let you play without a full metal stud, which used to be mandatory before manufacturing standards on plastic studs improved. The material is tough and will protect the player. A no frills boot.

  • (AD) Phoenix Club, Canterbury, between £20.35 – £25 on Amazon – buy here

2. All-rounder cheap rugby boots

These are bit more exciting than your regular boot 

While it’s good to get specialised cheap rugby boots based on your position, getting those can sometimes be costly. Also, if your position varies a lot, you’re probably better off with a pair of Razors. They are lightweight with a synthetic material nearly as durable as real leather, protecting you no matter the kind of hits you’re taking.

Like most traditional rugby shoes, the heel is flat. However, the bright red against black will add a bit of intimidation factor on the pitch.

  • (AD) Men’s Razor Rugby Boots, Optimum, between £25.49 – £43.76 on Amazon – buy here

3. Best cheap rugby boots for backs

Thanks to their design, these will suit anyone who doubles up as a football player

Your position puts different demands on your boots. If you’re looking for a good quality, low cost rugby boot suited for backs, you can’t go wrong with the Adidas Malice SG. Boasting a light weight and breathable mesh on the upper part of the boot, it will allow players to maximise their sprint – something every back will need.

Most usefully, the asymmetrical lacing gives you a larger kicking surface, which will help the ball go further.

  • Malice SG, Adidas, for £30 on Pro Direct Rugby – buy here

4. Best budget friendly rugby boots for muddy pitches

These will help you get your grip

Another from Canterbury, the Phoenix Raze will help any player out when rainy conditions turns the pitch into a muddy slop. This is due to the Hybrid8 plate outsole, which provides an excellent level of traction while stopping you from getting absorbed in the mud.

With 10mm foam cushioning the collar, it prevents rub while providing comfort. Meanwhile, the synthetic PU upper makes these some of the more durable boots for this price.

  • (AD) Men’s Phoenix Raze Soft Ground Rugby Boots, Canterbury, for £35.74 on Amazon – buy here

5. Best cheap rugby boots for forwards 

Forwards need more grip from their boots

The scrum is arguably the most important role of a forward, so you’ll need a boot to provide maximum grip. Adidas’ Kakari boots feature a six by two stud formation, allowing forwards to dig their feet into the ground and push from where it matters most.

Also, the inclusion of TPU in the sole plate and in a band on the forefoot adds additional strength and support. As a forward will be dealing with a lot more impact and a cushioned insole will give your feet much needed protection.

  • Kakari Men’s Rugby Boots, Adidas, for £36 on – buy here

6. Comfortable rugby boots on a budget

If feet pain stops you playing at your best, these boots can help

The Kooga Combat boot has lots of extra touches to protect the feet of the players. The textured PU upper gives the boot a softer touch than your normal ones, while the internal lining boasts a padded sock liner and a lightweight neoprene tongue for extra padding and a better fit.

The stability and comfort of this boot would be best for a forward, though any position would benefit from it. Especially with an internal moulded heel to counter the flat outer.

  • (AD) Combat, Kooga, for £33.75 on Amazon – buy here

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