Cheating boyfriend proposes to the wrong woman on New Year’s Eve – but decides to go ahead with the wedding anyway

FROM Christmas Day to New Year’s Eve, the party season is a very popular time to pop the question.

And while we love an adorable engagement story, this one will have you stunned for all the wrong reasons.

The man revealed he'd proposed to the wrong woman
The man revealed he’d proposed to the wrong woman
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In a bizarre turn of events, a cheating boyfriend found himself in a pickle after proposing to the wrong girlfriend on New Year’s Eve.

The anonymous Reddit user – who goes by the name of Propermistakeregretit – took to the forum to ask for legal advice, explaining he had intended to break up with his actual girlfriend, to propose to a colleague he had been seeing from work.

“I’m seeing someone else, wanted to break up with her,” he wrote.

“I bought the ring for a work colleague, wasn’t planning to propose until the holiday we planned.

He actually bought the ring for a colleague he'd been seeing from work
He actually bought the ring for a colleague he’d been seeing from work
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“During New Year’s Eve, I proposed to my girlfriend.

“It’s been posted on my friend’s Snapchat, my girlfriends Facebook page, everywhere.

“I saw people proposing so I wanted to go with the flow and proposed to my girlfriend whilst partially p*ssed.

“Can I get the ring back and cancel the engagement please?”

The man wanted to know if he could get the ring back
The man wanted to know if he could get the ring back
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Yeah, it’s a bit confusing.

But, a Reddit user helpfully summed it up, along with hundreds of other comments slamming the man for his behaviour.

“Let me check I’ve got this straight,” he wrote.

“You were planning on proposing to a work colleague when you go on holiday, despite the fact you are still seeing someone you class as your girlfriend.

“However, in a twist of fate, you took that engagement ring out with you on New Years Eve.

“Either that, or you took the wrong girlfriend out. Either way, mistakes were made.”

The man had been cheating with a colleague - and planned to propose
The man had been cheating with a colleague – and planned to propose

“Those mistakes were compounded when you got caught up in the heat of other people’s affection, and proposed to your (wrong) girlfriend,” he continued.

“Well, from a legal perspective you’re sh*t out of luck because a gift is a gift, even when given by a moron.

“However, there is a solution: tell your (current/accidental) fiancée about the mistake.

“Honesty may actually be your best policy here, because I suspect that the realisation that you are such an utter fungus of a person will lead her to take the ring off and fling it.

“If you’re lucky, you may be able to find it and then can give your ex-fiancée’s sloppy seconds to your bit on the side.

“And what a lucky girl she will be!”

The man is worried his bride-to-be will find out
The man is worried his bride-to-be will find out
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Shortly after, the man revealed he’d had a sudden change of heart.

“I’ve known my girlfriend longer and my mum gave me a call saying she’s happy and she’s always wanted grandchildren and what not so I didn’t want to disappoint my mum,” he wrote.

He also revealed he feared his new fiancée would find out about the cheating, but other users didn’t have much sympathy.

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