Cheryl mocked by The Greatest Dancer’s Jordan Banjo over her ‘floods of tears’

CHERYL was tonight mocked by The Greatest Dancer host Jordan Banjo over her “floods of tears” on the show.

The pop star pouted as she was ribbed for always crying over her talented acts throughout the series.

Cheryl looked unimpressed by the mocking remark

Presenter Jordan said: This is the second of our challenge shows and if last week is anything to go by we’re guaranteed three things tonight.

“Awesome performances, unbelievable energy and floods of tears from Cheryl.”

Her fellow dance captains found the joke hilarious, but Cheryl didn’t look impressed.

She didn’t get a chance to say anything, as the presenters continued to kick off the show.

Host Jordan Banjo ribbed Cheryl over her constant crying
Oti Mabuse and Matthew Morrison found it amusing

Later in the BBC programme, Cheryl got her fighting talk back as she delivered a “sassy” put down to Matthew Morrison.

The singer was quick to put her co-star in his place when he mocked her for wrongly interpreting the theme.

Matthew said: “In terms of the challenge, though. It was four walls…

“One, two, three.. I was left wanting more…”

After rolling her eyes, Cheryl spoke to the camera and said: “Well obviously the camera lense is the fourth wall, duh.”

Sassy Cheryl put Matthew in his place

Fans thought it was hilarious, with one saying: “The camera-lens is the fourth wall .. DUHHHHH” Cheryl is such a geek.”

Another added: “Cheryl’s sass What a queen #GreatestDancer #CherylSquad.”

Someone else said: “Obviously the camera is the fourth wall durhhh’ HA. Amazing. THAT TOLD YOU! #cherylsquad @CherylOfficial #GreatestDancer.”

‏Another added: “I honestly love Cheryl ‘the camera lens, is the fourth wall Duh’ 😂👏🏼👏🏼 #GreatestDance.”
‏Someone commented: “Haha omg. @CherylOfficial bringing the sass  @GreatDancerTV

Another viewer said: “Ooo yass @CherylOfficial you sassy queen #GreatestDancer.”


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