Chicago : the scourge of urban violence

Five people were killed out of a total of 45 affected by a series of shootings Sunday in Chicago, during a wave of violence qualified as “totally unacceptable” by the police. An 11-year old child was among the injured. Some of these shots were “targeted” and related to conflicts between gangs, has stated to journalists a responsible officer of the Chicago police, Fred Waller. Multiple gunshots were heard during the night from Saturday to Sunday in the city, up to ten in the space of three hours depending on the tv to CNN. They have referred to groups of people including participants in a meal for a funeral, according to police.

More than 5,500 weapons detained illegally have been confiscated

In 2016, the number of murders in Chicago was established at the highest for nearly twenty years, is regularly to the city and critical of the american president Donald Trump. However, according to Mr. Waller, from the beginning of the year, shootings have declined over 30% in Chicago, and the number of murders is reduced by 25%. More than 5,500 weapons detained illegally have been confiscated in the streets of the city, he added, stressing the commitment of the authorities to continue the effort to improve the security.

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